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Amit Aggarwal: Redefining Sustainable Fashion Through Repurposed Materials

Designer Amit Aggarwal’s approach to fashion goes beyond the conventional concept of “sustainable fashion.” His designs reflect a genuine commitment to repurposing materials and creating innovative clothing with a purpose. In this interview, he discusses his journey into sustainable fashion and the unique inspirations that drive his brand.

Amit Aggarwal, originally from Mumbai, draws inspiration from the city’s rich tapestry of contradictions. The juxtaposition of colonial architecture with modern housing, the meeting of the Arabian Sea with narrow cobbled lanes, and vintage shops alongside contemporary stores have deeply influenced his design philosophy. He aims to infuse this coexistence into his brand, crafting a distinctive language that blends structure with flexibility and harmonizes the old and the new.

To Amit, sustainable fashion means crafting enduring pieces that transcend time, extending the lifespan of a product through evolution and adaptation.

His journey into sustainability wasn’t a planned one. Growing up with values rooted in maximizing the utility of objects, he naturally adopted sustainable practices when he entered the world of design. It wasn’t until later that the term “sustainable fashion” gained prominence, but for Amit, it was an organic path.

Rather than finding inspiration in fashion itself, Amit’s creative process is ignited by the engineering of different materials. He stumbled upon a wealth of discarded plastic at Okhla Industrial Estate in Delhi in 2012, and this discovery sparked his imagination. He saw potential in repurposing materials like used polythene bags and heritage patolas to create textiles and embellishments for his collections.

Amit acknowledges that the perception of luxury has evolved over time. Luxury no longer solely revolves around rare materials but encompasses concepts like time, freedom, and self-expression. His brand aligns with these contemporary notions of luxury, transcending traditional boundaries and catering to conscious consumers who value a brand’s larger message.

For Amit, storytelling is pivotal in conveying the urgency of sustainable fashion. Authentic narratives that resonate with the brand’s core values, combined with products that make individuals feel beautiful, play a crucial role in guiding consumers toward sustainable choices.

Travel has been a significant source of inspiration for Amit, exposing him to diverse cultures, architecture, and ways of life. It has expanded his horizons, fostering adaptability and enriching his design sensibilities.

When it comes to shopping, Amit’s favorite destinations include the Sunday markets and flea markets of various cities, where hidden treasures can be found amidst what may seem like ordinary items. He particularly enjoys markets like Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen in Paris, and Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar.

In addition to his ongoing work, Amit is excited about a personal project: designing and creating his home, a project he views as a significant endeavor in crafting his own sanctuary.