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Apple to Debut Made-in-India iPhones Globally on Launch Day

For the first time, Apple Inc. plans to release the new iPhone 15 model, made in India, on the same day as its global launch. While the majority of iPhone 15 units will still be manufactured in China, this marks a significant shift from Apple’s previous strategy of predominantly selling Chinese-made devices worldwide.

Apple commenced production of the iPhone 15 at a Foxconn Technology Group factory in Tamil Nadu, India, last month. This move reflects Apple’s ongoing efforts to close the gap between its manufacturing operations in India and its primary bases in China. However, some minor delays might occur due to potential logistical challenges associated with the India-assembled devices. Apple has not yet commented on this development.

The iPhone 15 is set to be unveiled during a gala event at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. Typically, new products become available for sale about 10 days after their official launch. This approach contrasts with Apple’s previous India production timeline, which lagged behind China’s production schedule by up to nine months. However, this lag was significantly reduced last year, with India now only weeks behind in production schedules.

India has become increasingly important to Apple’s diversification strategy due to incentives from Prime Minister Narendra Modi aimed at boosting local manufacturing and Apple’s desire to reduce its reliance on Chinese production amid trade tensions between Washington and Beijing.

The iPhone 15 is expected to bring significant updates to the device, including camera system enhancements across the range and an improved 3-nanometer processor for the Pro models. These changes are crucial for reinvigorating iPhone sales, as Apple reported declining sales for three consecutive quarters in key markets like the US, China, and Europe.

Other Apple suppliers in India, such as Pegatron Corp. and a Wistron Corp. factory soon to be acquired by the Tata Group, are also expected to begin assembling the iPhone 15. Apple sees India as not only a growing retail market but also an important production hub for its products in the long run. In the quarter ending in June, iPhone sales in India achieved double-digit growth, reaching record highs, although specific sales figures were not disclosed by Apple.

Overall, this move by Apple underscores India’s increasing importance in the global supply chain and manufacturing ecosystem of the tech giant.