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AR Rahman’s Chennai Concert Faces Backlash Over Poor Management and Sound Quality

AR Rahman’s recent concert in Chennai, held on September 10, has sparked a wave of criticism from fans due to subpar management, leading to chaotic scenes and discontent among attendees.

Numerous concertgoers who were excited to witness the music maestro’s performance took to the X social media platform to share their less-than-pleasant experiences. Many voiced their grievances, which ranged from issues with audio quality to overcrowding and mismanagement.

One of the most common complaints revolved around the low volume of the performance, making it nearly inaudible for those positioned further away from the stage. The overwhelming crowds at the event triggered panic attacks and anxiety among some attendees, leaving a sour taste in the mouths of passionate AR Rahman fans.

Reports emerged of ticket holders being denied entry to the venue, and some frustrated fans even tore up their tickets in sheer disappointment. The situation was exacerbated by a massive traffic jam caused by the concert, with allegations that organizers had oversold tickets well beyond the venue’s capacity.

Notable film trade analyst Manobala Vijayabalan shared a video of a disheartened fan tearing up their concert tickets, describing the event as “unforgettable” and labeling it the “worst gift” from AR Rahman. The discontent among fans was so significant that the hashtag #ARRConcert began trending on social media, with individuals airing their grievances about the poorly managed event.

Attendees also reported fights and chaotic scenes during the concert, further compounding the overall negative experience. Some fans went as far as describing the concert as “very badly organized” and a “waste of money and energy.” They expressed feeling stressed due to disturbances and inadequate sound quality.

One attendee who had purchased Gold tickets expressed their distress, stating that they were unable to fully enjoy the show due to overcrowding and a lack of space. This led to calls for ticket refunds.

As of now, AR Rahman has not publicly commented on the situation. The Oscar-winning music composer is renowned for his exceptional work in numerous films, including Ponniyin Selvan, Enthiran, Sivaji: The Boss, Rangeela, Bombay, Taal, Rockstar, and Slumdog Millionaire.