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Sizzling School Days Ahead: Scorching 26°C Heatwave Sweeps Ireland!

As students across Ireland kick off the new school year, they’ll be greeted with warm weather as temperatures are expected to reach a balmy 26 degrees Celsius.

According to Met Éireann, any lingering mist or fog from last night will quickly dissipate, giving way to another warm day filled with abundant sunshine. High temperatures ranging from 22 to 26 degrees are in the forecast.

The evening will remain warm and humid, featuring mostly clear skies. There’s a chance of showers later, primarily in the southwest, and the possibility of mist and fog forming in Ulster.

Tuesday will bring more warmth and sunshine, although a few isolated showers may pop up, especially in the western and southwestern regions. Top temperatures are anticipated to reach 22 to 26 degrees once again, with the warmest conditions away from the eastern and southern coasts.

As the week progresses, expect occasional cloud cover and scattered, possibly heavy, showers. Nevertheless, the warmth and humidity will persist through Wednesday, accompanied by some thundery showers, mainly affecting the east and southeast.

Thursday and Friday will continue to see more shower activity.