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Can Spiders Really Sense Smartphone Cameras?

In the age of viral social media content, it’s not uncommon to stumble upon intriguing videos that leave us questioning the mysteries of the natural world.

One such video making the rounds recently features a spider locked inside a glass jar, purportedly showcasing the arachnid’s ability to sense smartphone camera focusing systems.

The Viral Video

The video begins with a glass jar containing a spider placed on a table.

A person taps on the table, seemingly attempting to provoke a reaction from the spider.

Surprisingly, the spider remains motionless.

However, when the person starts filming the spider using a smartphone and touches the camera screen to focus, the spider immediately reacts and begins to move.

The Science of Spider Senses

Arachnids like spiders are renowned for their remarkable sensory abilities, primarily driven by their acute sense of touch and vibrations.

They rely on specialized sensors, called mechanoreceptors, which are sensitive to minute changes in air currents and vibrations.

This sensitivity helps them detect prey, predators, and even potential mates.