Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Crypto Custody Firm Qredo Streamlines Gas Fees with Circle’s USDC Stablecoin Integration

Qredo, a cryptocurrency custody company, has integrated Circle’s popular USDC stablecoin into its non-custodial wallet offering.

This integration aims to simplify gas fees for users and make USDC the primary gas fee token on various blockchains.

The toolkit includes Circle’s cross-chain transfer protocol for minting, redeeming, and transacting USDC across multiple networks.

Additionally, Etherspot’s software for frictionless web3 transactions and Qredo’s open-source payment rails, QSign, are part of the integration.

This collaboration enables institutions to seamlessly move millions of dollars into USDC and store these assets in their Qredo non-custodial wallets, simplifying the transition from fiat to non-custodial assets.

This integration offers a “gasless” transaction experience, enhancing user engagement with blockchains and providing predictability for gas costs, which is particularly appealing to CFOs.