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Dramatic Incident Unfolds at Delhi 5-Star Hotel During G20: Chinese Delegation’s Bags Under Scrutiny

A dramatic incident unfolded at a five-star hotel in Delhi last Thursday involving the Chinese delegation for the G20 summit. The hotel’s security team became suspicious when they noticed a member of the delegation carrying a bag with unusual dimensions. Despite these concerns, the bags were allowed into the hotel following diplomatic protocols. However, a hotel employee later discovered what was described as “suspicious equipment” inside two of the bags in one of the delegation’s rooms.

The hotel’s security department was informed, and they requested that the bags be scanned. However, the Chinese delegation resisted this request, attempting to pass the bags off as diplomatic baggage. This refusal led to a standoff that lasted about 12 hours, with the security team standing guard outside the hotel room while the bags remained unchecked.

After a lengthy discussion, the Chinese officials eventually agreed to move their bags to the embassy. The G20 summit took place in Delhi on September 9 and 10, and India achieved a significant diplomatic victory with the adoption of the “New Delhi Declaration” through 100% consensus, despite major differences on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Chinese President Xi Jinping did not attend the summit, and the Chinese delegation was led by Premier Li Qiang. China emphasized its active support for the G20’s work and the importance of the group’s solidarity and cooperation in addressing global economic and developmental challenges.