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Finnish Government Addresses Gas Pipeline Leak in Gulf of Finland

The Finnish government is set to address a significant gas pipeline issue in the Gulf of Finland, as reported by Iltalehti. The specific details regarding the incident have not been officially disclosed yet. A press conference scheduled for 2 pm was initially planned but has been postponed to a later time on Tuesday. It is expected to involve Prime Minister Petteri Orpo and Defense Minister Antti Häkkänen, both representing the National Coalition Party (NCP).

Gasgrid Finland and Estonian gas network operator Elering detected an unusual drop in pressure within the Balticconnector pipeline, connecting the two countries, on Sunday around 2 am. Gasgrid Finland has indicated that the likely cause for this pressure drop is a breach in the pipeline, which has been in operation for only a few years.

The Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo) and the Finnish Border Guard are collaborating on an investigation into the incident. While Supo’s specific role in the probe remains unspecified, it lacks the authority for a preliminary investigation. Therefore, any potential criminal investigation would be carried out by Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), although the NBI has not commented on whether it is taking any actions in this regard.

Authorities have not yet confirmed whether the pipeline leak is a result of intentional damage. The Finnish Border Guard, operating as a maritime authority, is actively involved in assisting companies responsible for critical infrastructure and is investigating the situation to the best of its maritime capabilities. However, the precise location of the leak has not been disclosed.

The Balticconnector marine gas pipeline, which commenced operation in 2020, connects Inkoo, Finland, with Paldiski, Estonia. Inkoo (also known as Ingå in Swedish) is located approximately 60 km west of Helsinki, while Paldiski is situated around 50 km west of Tallinn.