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US Soldier’s Epic Surprise on Son’s First Day of School Will Melt Your Heart! Watch Now!

In a touching reunion, a US soldier, Sergeant Perry Chronister, who had been deployed overseas since 2022, surprised his son on the first day of the school session by dressing up as the mascot of his son’s elementary school, a tiger.

A heartwarming video posted by Now This (@nowthisnews) on social media captures this emotional moment. The video shows teachers introducing the mascot to the class and announcing a special visitor. As the soldier waved to the students and removed his puppet head, his son Eli, who was beginning the second grade, gasped in surprise. He quickly rushed to his father and embraced him tightly.

The caption of the video reads, “This U.S. soldier and father dressed up as the mascot of his son’s elementary school to surprise him on his first day of second grade.

The heartwarming surprise touched the hearts of many viewers, with comments pouring in to express their emotions. One user exclaimed, “I love this! Made my day!”

This touching moment is a testament to the sacrifices military families make and the joy of reuniting after long separations.