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Hoda Kotb Experiences On-Air Mishap During ‘Today’ Show

In a relatable moment, long-time news anchor Hoda Kotb encountered an on-air mishap during the broadcast of the “Today” show. Viewers witnessed the journalist’s graceful recovery from the incident, showcasing her professionalism.

During the morning show’s broadcast on Tuesday, October 3, Hoda inadvertently nudged her tea mug, causing some of its contents to spill across the news desk. In response, Hoda quickly apologized, exclaiming, “Sorry, sorry!” Her co-host, Savannah Guthrie, humorously chimed in, “Clean up on aisle one!”

Hoda took a moment to comment on the size of her mug, acknowledging, “Can I just say, this is a huge mug—it’s so big.”

Craig Melvin, their fellow co-host, seated at the other end of the table, promptly rose from his chair to assist Hoda in addressing the spilled liquid.

As a seasoned professional with decades of experience in her career, Hoda Kotb smoothly moved past the incident and continued with the broadcast, introducing the next topic at hand.

Savannah Guthrie, who not only shares the screen with Hoda daily but also enjoys a close friendship with her, expressed her gratitude for their partnership, emphasizing the joy of working together and the trust they share in their roles on the morning show.