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Mumbai’s Skyward Ascent: AI Artist Envisions Floating Buildings

In a city where every inch of land is consumed by towering real estate and sky-high rent, an AI artist has dared to dream of a Mumbai with buildings that touch the sky, unburdened by land constraints.

Prateek Arora, a screenwriter and digital creator, embarked on an imaginative journey with his AI art series. In this series, modern round-shaped apartments gracefully float above Mumbai’s iconic cityscape. He aptly named this mesmerizing creation, brought to life with Midjourney’s technology, ‘Mumbai Surreal Estate.’

Viewers were quick to react to this surreal vision. One Instagram user playfully commented, “The high-rise situation has truly reached new heights.” Another marveled, “We’re in the clouds for real!” Someone else added a poetic touch, saying, “The common man walks the streets, with buildings drifting above like ethereal clouds.”

Prateek Arora is no stranger to using AI art to address Mumbai’s unique challenges. In a previous project from June, he envisioned a futuristic yet oddly practical solution to navigate waterlogged or flooded streets—a fleet of “Amphibious Autorickshaws” that resembled a cross between autorickshaws and submarines.

In another series, Arora depicted ordinary individuals donning Transformers-style attire, humorously captioned as “Hyper-Adaptive Rainwear. Bring it, Mumbai.” Responding to these creations, an Instagram user humorously remarked, “In 2047, you’ll need a mech suit because Mumbai monsoons mean you’ll be underwater.”

Arora’s recent work has garnered widespread attention, blending elements of science fiction and horror with a unique Indian subcontinent aesthetic, showcasing his remarkable talent in the world of AI artistry.