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Norway’s Princess Martha Louise to Wed Shaman Durek Verrett Next Summer

Norway’s Princess Martha Louise and her American partner, self-proclaimed shaman Durek Verrett, have announced their plans to marry next summer. King Harald V extended his congratulations to the couple, expressing his happiness in welcoming Mr. Verrett into the royal family.

Princess Martha Louise stepped away from her royal duties last year to focus on her alternative medicine business, which she shares with her fiancé. Meanwhile, Mr. Verrett is known for endorsing unverified medical practices, including suggesting that cancer is a choice and selling medallions online as Covid-19 protection. The princess has claimed the ability to communicate with angels.

The couple’s engagement was announced in June 2022, with the king granting his blessing. In a statement released on Wednesday, King Harald and Queen Sonja shared their excitement about Durek Verrett joining the family and extended their best wishes to the couple.

The wedding is scheduled to take place in the picturesque Norwegian town of Geiranger, situated on the shores of a UNESCO World Heritage Site fjord. Following the wedding, Mr. Verrett will move to Norway to join the royal family, albeit without an official title.

Durek Verrett, often referred to as a “6th Generation Shaman,” has made controversial claims, including rising from the dead and predicting the 9/11 attacks two years before they occurred. He has also faced criticism, which he attributes to racism.

Princess Martha Louise has been a contentious figure in Norway due to her involvement in alternative treatments, including founding a school focused on connecting with angels. While emphasizing the importance of research-based knowledge, she views alternative medicine as a valuable complement to conventional medical practices.

In November, the princess distanced herself from her “patronage role” to differentiate between her activities and the Royal House of Norway. King Harald decided that she would retain her title, though she agreed not to utilize it in her commercial ventures.

Princess Martha Louise was previously married to author Ari Behn, and they divorced in 2017. Tragically, Mr. Behn, who had spoken openly about his struggles with depression, died by suicide on Christmas Day 2019. Princess Martha Louise is the eldest child of King Harald, and her younger brother, Crown Prince Haakon, is set to succeed their father as king.