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Pakistani Fan’s Surprising Affection for Virat Kohli Shocks Cricket World!

In the midst of the intense India-Pakistan cricket rivalry, often marked by passionate sentiments, a viral video features a Pakistani girl expressing her deep admiration for Indian cricketer Virat Kohli during the much-anticipated Asia Cup match. In the video, the unnamed girl reveals that Kohli is her favorite player, and she attended the Asia Cup 2023 opener just to see him. She expresses her disappointment when Kohli is dismissed quickly in the high-stakes match between the arch-rivals. Interestingly, the fan proudly displays both the Pakistani and Indian flags on her cheeks.

While some Pakistani fans behind her appear unimpressed with her admiration for an Indian player, she responds to an older man who tries to interrupt her by saying, “Chacha, padosiyon se pyaar karna koi buri baat toh nahi hai (Uncle, it’s not a bad thing to love your neighbors).” When asked to choose between Pakistani skipper Babar Azam and Kohli, she picks Kohli, prompting boos and chants of “very bad” from the crowd behind her.

Commenting on the video, one viewer noted, “I don’t see anyone from Pak saying this for Rohit or anyone from India saying this for Babar. Kohli is huge. He’s being adored beyond rivalries.” Another person emphasized, “People who watch cricket are the best on both sides of the countries. I, as an Indian, also like many Pakistani players with no hate at all. Respect those people.”

The match took place at the Pallekele International Cricket Stadium in Kandy, Sri Lanka, with Kohli scoring four runs off seven balls before being dismissed by Shaheen Afridi.