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Parliament Fight India- [13th December 2023] – Security Breach- Man Beaten up

In a shocking turn of events during today’s parliamentary session in Delhi, an alarming video surfaced on social media depicting an unidentified man being physically assaulted by members of the parliament. The incident occurred within the Parliament House premises and has raised serious concerns about security and conduct within the legislative body.

The video, which was widely circulated on Twitter, shows the man being forcibly restrained and beaten by individuals identified as parliament members. Victim can be an outsider, not clear as of now. The motive behind the attack remains unclear.

The footage captured by onlookers reveals a chaotic scene. The victim, visibly distressed, is seen attempting to defend himself against the assault.

Authorities have not released an official statement on the incident at the time of this report. The identity of the victim and the parliamentary members involved is yet to be disclosed. It remains uncertain whether the altercation was related to any specific issue or disagreement.

As this story develops, further updates will be provided.