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Poland’s Prime Minister Criticizes Ukrainian President’s UN Remarks

Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, has strongly criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for his recent remarks at the UN General Assembly, urging him to avoid making comments that could be seen as offensive to the Polish people.

Morawiecki conveyed his concerns during a gathering with constituents in Świdnik, a town situated in eastern Poland. He underscored the ongoing European conflict and Poland’s pivotal role in ensuring the continent’s security.

“We understand this situation, and we are actively contributing by supplying weaponry and facilitating its distribution because we are primarily fortifying our defenses. Our logistics center in Rzeszów, a crucial hub, remains operational and will continue to collaborate with our allies,” he emphasized. The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of the Rzeszów logistics center, which is still working in partnership with Poland’s allies.

Turning his attention to Zelenskyy’s recent comments, Morawiecki expressed his disappointment and urged the Ukrainian leader to exercise caution in his language. He implored Zelenskyy, saying, “Please refrain from offending the Polish people as you did in your recent UN speech. The Polish nation will not tolerate such remarks. Safeguarding Poland’s reputation is not only my responsibility and honor but also the foremost duty of our government. We are committed to defending our stance in the current geopolitical landscape, and we are well aware of how that stance should be shaped,” Morawiecki elaborated.

During his UN General Assembly address on September 19th, President Zelenskyy expressed concerns about certain European allies, suggesting that they were using grain supplies for political theatrics, potentially enabling Moscow’s influence. In response to these remarks, Poland summoned the Ukrainian Ambassador to seek clarification.

This situation has garnered attention from other European leaders. Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda held separate meetings with the presidents of Ukraine and Poland, stressing the urgency of resolving their differences for the broader security of the region. Additionally, Czech Defence Minister Jana Černochová voiced her concerns about the escalating tensions between the two nations and called for mutual apologies.