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Shocking Royal Rift: Prince Harry’s ‘Part-Time Royal’ Status Rejected by Charles and William!

EXCLUSIVE: A royal author claims that the Duke of Sussex has diverged from Queen Elizabeth II’s strong beliefs, a stance that his family is unwilling to accept.

Prince Harry has been cautioned that his status as a “part-time royal” will no longer be accepted by his father, King Charles III, and his brother, Prince William.

Since stepping away from royal duties in 2020, the arrangement of the Sussexes has stirred controversy. While Harry and Meghan Markle maintained their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles, they lost their HRH status. Despite moving to the United States, calls have grown for them to lose their titles, particularly after Harry’s bestselling memoir, “Spare,” was released in January.

Tom Quinn, the author of “Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family,” explained that both King Charles and Prince William are dissatisfied with the current arrangement. He emphasized, “The central focus for King Charles and Prince William lies in respecting the late Queen’s strong conviction that one cannot be a part-time royal.” Quinn continued, “It’s not viable to spend six months hobnobbing with celebrities in America and then return to selectively participate in events here. Charles and William are unlikely to support this as it contradicts Elizabeth’s viewpoint.”

The unwavering commitment of the late Queen to the monarchy is undeniable. In her youth, she vowed, “I will dedicate my entire life, regardless of its length, to serving you.” Over 70 years, she endeared herself to the British public through her consistent public service.

In addition to disappointing his grandmother’s legacy, Harry also risks “dragging the Royal Family into the American way of doing things,” according to Mr. Quinn. Interestingly, even Americans do not appear to strongly support Harry and Meghan retaining their titles.