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Shocking Incident: Student Assaults Physics Wallah Teacher During Live Class, Video Goes Viral

In a deeply disturbing incident, a student physically attacked a teacher from the Physics Wallah platform during a live class. The incident, which unfolded during what is believed to be a Physics Wallah app session, was captured on video and has since gone viral.

In the video footage, a student is seen slapping the teacher with a slipper. The teacher managed to evade the attack by skillfully ducking. Afterward, the student retrieved his slipper and left the scene, all within a mere 9 seconds. The motive behind this shocking incident remains unclear, but the video has garnered significant attention on social media since it first surfaced on Thursday evening.

Since its upload, the video has accumulated over 600K views. The video depicts a tumultuous altercation between the student and the teacher, with both parties physically engaging with each other. Numerous individuals have left comments seeking to understand the cause of this altercation.

Notably, prior to this incident, three prominent educators known as Tarun Kumar, Manish Dubey, and Sarvesh Dixit, who were affiliated with Physics Wallah, decided to resign from the platform. Their departure was attributed to differences in their vision compared to Alakh Pandey’s company. In videos addressing their resignation, Kumar, Dubey, and Dixit explained that fellow Physics Wallah teacher Pankaj Sijairya had made unfounded bribery allegations against them, and there were disruptions on their YouTube channel, Sankalp.

They expressed that the environment at Physics Wallah was no longer conducive to the benefit of students. In an emotionally charged Sankalp video, Kumar, Dubey, and Dixit were visibly moved to tears. Their YouTube channel has received an outpouring of support from their loyal followers.