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This Viral Video of a Tiger Family Napping Will Melt Your Heart

A heartwarming video capturing the tranquil essence of the forest has been making waves on social media, featuring a tiger family indulging in a cozy nap amidst the wilderness. While the exact date of this footage remains undisclosed, it was initially shared by Susanta Nanda, an Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer, on a Saturday.

Nanda accompanied the video with a touching message: “A loving family adds color to the canvas of our world (Keep the sound on to fully immerse in the forest’s ambiance).” His sentiments resonated with viewers, garnering a plethora of likes and shares.

IFS officer Ramesh Pandey, deeply moved by the scene, retweeted the video and added insight into the life of a mother tigress. He emphasized the challenges of rearing cubs, a task shouldered solely and discreetly by the mother, who imparts essential survival skills and hunting prowess. It’s worth noting that tiger cubs remain in close proximity to their mothers until they reach the age of two.

This heartwarming video isn’t the only instance of wildlife captivating social media. In April 2020, another video, posted by forest officer Ravindra Mani Tripathi, captured the essence of a great family affair in the Satapuda forests of Madhya Pradesh. The undated footage featured two tigers comfortably seated in the middle of a road while two others enjoyed a leisurely stroll. Tripathi aptly captioned the video, “Great family affair. Tiger sighted at the roadside in Satapuda forests of MP.”

Fast forward to June 2021, and social media was once again abuzz with the enchanting world of wildlife. This time, it was a herd of wandering elephants from a natural reserve in China that stole the spotlight. A drone-captured video showcased these magnificent creatures finding respite in a serene forest setting. According to a report by the BBC, the herd temporarily rested near a village in Xiyang township after their travels were hampered by heavy rainfall.

The reasons behind the herd’s departure from the Pu’er city natural reserve in Yunnan province, spanning over 500 kilometers, remain unclear. The government swiftly responded, deploying 14 drones and mobilizing around 500 individuals to ensure the safety of the elephants and guide them southwest, away from human settlements.