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Vandalism Strikes Canadian Temple with Anti-India, Pro-Khalistan Messages

In a disturbing incident, a temple located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, fell victim to vandalism, bearing anti-India and pro-Khalistan graffiti on its outer walls. The Shri Mata Bhameshwari Durga temple in Surrey was the unfortunate target of this act.

The incident came to light on a Thursday morning and was promptly reported by the Surrey detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). This act of vandalism occurred just a day before the secessionist group Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) issued a threat to “lock down” India’s Consulate in Vancouver.

India’s high commission in Ottawa had already alerted Canada’s foreign ministry, Global Affairs Canada, about the potential threat to its diplomatic premises in Vancouver. SFJ had called upon pro-Khalistan elements to besiege the Vancouver Consulate on the upcoming Friday.

This call for action was a response to the cancellation of the Khalistan Referendum, which was initially scheduled to take place on September 10 at a school in Surrey. Canadian authorities had revoked permission to hold the referendum at a public school due to concerns raised about promotional materials that featured an image of an AK-47 machine gun.