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Victoria Beckham Reflects on Difficult Times During David’s Alleged Affair

Victoria Beckham has candidly discussed her emotions and experiences during the period of her husband David Beckham’s alleged affair with former personal assistant Rebecca Loos. In a new Netflix documentary series titled “Beckham,” the fashion designer and former Spice Girl delves into the impact of the alleged infidelity on their marriage, describing it as “the most unhappy I have ever been.”

Alleged Affair and Challenging Period: The alleged infidelity took place in 2003 while David Beckham was playing for Real Madrid. Despite the couple’s denial of the claims, Victoria Beckham acknowledges that this was a difficult time for their relationship. She reveals that it felt like the world was against them, and they were often at odds with each other.

Impact on Their Relationship: Victoria shares that the period following the allegations was the “hardest” in her marriage to the former football star. She admits that they were “against each other” and that their connection seemed strained, particularly during their time in Spain. She expresses her sadness over the situation, describing it as a “nightmare” and reveals that it was the “most unhappy” she had ever been in her life.

David Beckham’s Perspective: David Beckham also addresses the allegations in the documentary, acknowledging the difficulty they faced. He mentions that it was the first time their marriage had been subjected to such intense pressure, reflecting on the “horrible stories” they had to confront.

Premiere Event: Both Victoria and David Beckham, accompanied by their children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper, attended the premiere of the documentary in central London. The family posed for photographs alongside Romeo’s girlfriend Mia Regan and Brooklyn’s wife Nicola Peltz.

In the Netflix documentary series “Beckham,” Victoria and David Beckham open up about their personal lives, including the challenges they faced during the period of the alleged affair. The couple’s honesty provides viewers with a deeper insight into their relationship and the hurdles they have overcome.