Lost Ark Unveils New Ark Pass and Jump-Start Guides

Today, the Lost Ark team introduces the latest Ark Pass, offering a treasure trove of rewards across 30 levels

With the regular pass, embark on a journey to earn Pheons, honing materials, chests, pirate coins, and even a Legendary Card Pack

For those craving even more, the Premium and Super Premium passes await, unlocking additional riches

Premium grants you extra Pheons, chests, battle items, report chests, and more. While Super Premium boasts similar rewards and exclusive access to the Mokoko Kindergarten cosmetic collection

Remember, whether you choose the free or premium pass, all rewards are character-bound, and your progress is shared across your roster

Lost Ark Unveils New Ark Pass and Jump-Start Guides

Recently, Lost Ark unveiled Jump-Start servers, tailored for new and returning players looking for a fast-paced leveling adventure

These servers offer fresh starts, rapid leveling, instant level-up options, and a chance to reap rewards and quality drops

But where do you begin on this epic journey? The Lost Ark team has got you covered with their new guide video series

The first video, 'How to Super Mokoko Express,' kicks things off by helping you dive into the Arkesia realm with ease

Learn how to use gems, engravings, and skills as you progress and discover your unique playstyle

The guide series also includes an introduction to the Codex, unraveling its mysteries, and a tutorial on how to master Una’s Tasks

For those starting their Lost Ark journey or returning for more adventures, this video series is your compass in the vast world of Arkesia

Explore Arkesia, level up, and conquer the unknown. The Lost Ark awaits your arrival

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and guides from the Lost Ark universe